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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be interviewing with recruiters or actual team members?

Companies who participate in one of our speed dating events commit to sending a member of their technical hiring team (CTO, VP Engineering, etc.) to the interview, so you’re talking to people who really know the tech stack, the unique challenges the team is tackling, and the opportunity.

How do you decide which candidates will participate in an event?

We look for great candidates who are located in (or will relocate to) one of the cities we’re in, and who have the skills that our employer partners are seeking. Additionally, we consider experience and educational background when selecting developers to participate.

How do you decide which companies participate in an event?

We select awesome companies with fascinating, stimulating roles and lots of opportunity for candidates. The companies should be well capitalized and are actively hiring team members.

Will I have to create a bio or profile?

When you sign up for a specific event we will create a profile for you using information in your resume and other online profiles. You’ll have the opportunity to edit the profile we create if you’d like.

If I participate in a speed-dating event, do I have to meet with every participating company?

You only meet with the companies that interest you. Several days before the event we’ll open up an online scheduler so you can see the specific companies and the individuals who will be participating. You can select the ones you want to meet.

When will the employers be able to see me?

24 hours after you have had the opportunity to see the employer profiles, we’ll show the employers your profile. Then you and the employer can determine if you want to meet one another.

How many events can I participate in?

You may sign up for as many events as you like, as long as your skills, experience, and location are a match for the event’s focus. Our team will review your profile and determine if you’re a fit before approving you for an event.

How should I prepare for the event? What types of questions will employer ask?

You should prepare by reviewing the profile of the companies and the individuals whom you’re signed up to meet, and come with questions of your own!

An ideal Beyond Apps speed dating session should help both sides determine whether there’s a fit on skill, experience, culture, and passion for the opportunity. Employers will typically ask about projects you’ve worked on, accomplishments, what makes an ideal job for you, and what sort of culture you want to be in.

What happens if I don’t find a love match with any of the companies?

Then you’ve spent 2 hours and built 10 solid new connections in your professional network who may be able to help you in the future. We run many events – sign up for the next one to widen your search.

If I really like a company during the speed dating event, how do I engage an ongoing conversation?

If both you and the company like each other, you should arrange to talk again or meet in person. Let us know if you need help facilitating this.

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